Sunday, June 15, 2008

Humorous Typo in Previous Article :D

In the article I just posted on Belize (yes, you *did* see Belize in world news), I noticed an interesting typo. Read for yourself and laugh:

"We changed things in he midfield to be able to attack more. We still should have had more scoring opportunities. Butt we're not unhappy. It was a combination of our play and their play and it was tough for us the way they played back."

Belize? In the World News? What?

Schapelle Corby Picture of the Week - 15.6.08

The start of this week marks Father's Day for most of the world. This picture of Schapelle's mum Rose holding a photo of Schapelle I thought beautiful to post today.

It has been several months since the passing of Michael Corby, Schapelle's father, to cancer. Mr. Corby died before he got a chance to return to Bali to see Schapelle, a promise he earnestly desired to keep. Michael's passing was a sad event for the entire Corby family, including Schapelle, who mourned his passing from Kerobokan prison.

Much has occurred since that death. Schapelle's final appeal failed, and her sister Mercedes won a landmark judicial lawsuit against Channel Seven for defamation. Much more has occurred since May 27, 2005 that makes these events more poignant. Through the time that Schapelle Corby became known throughout Australia, several things have remained constant: the strength of the Corbys in what they believe and the strength of the Corbys as a close family.

That strong familial closeness--despite the loss of a father member; evident through the emotional, spiritual, and literal trials--is captured beautifully in this photo.

My best wishes, Ros, Schapelle, Mercedes and family, on this Father's Day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

RSS Feed Posted on "Ganja Queen"

Hello all -

I have posted an RSS feed link about the upcoming HBO airing of Janine Hosking's "Ganja Queen" on Schapelle Corby. The feed is to discussions from the HBO official forum on the documentary.

I call on all Schapelle Supporters to visit the forum and look into posting comments if you would like. It is unfortunate that the "Ganja Queen" discussion is one of the least-visited threads.