Thursday, March 12, 2009

HLJ Now Synchs with the BringHerHome Toolbar

After multiple attempts, the HLJ feed can now be viewed on the BringHerHome toolbar. Previously, the link to this blog under the photo of Schapelle always functioned, but blog updates under "SC News" could not.

I created a feed burn and sent it off to Nev, who input it into the toolbar. Now, new blog posts may be viewed! Thank you, Nev, for your support and advice!

For those of you who have not downloaded the BringHerHome toolbar, I strongly suggest you do. The toolbar contains links to Schapelle websites, forums, videos, and songs. It also features links to the Free Schapelle petition as well as websites where you can order My Story or No More Tomorrows by Schapelle. Also, users can read newslinks from across Australia and the world, listen to songs on the media player, be informed of emails, and chat with fellow supporters.

If you are interested in downloading the toolbar, you can do so at this link:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I found out that I cannot get a copy of "Ganja Queen" by itself without purchasing HBO as a whole.....hopefully I can purchase a copy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Know You're a Schapelle Supporter When..... see the "SC" abbreviation in the news, and you do not think "South Carolina."


Tony Wilson's Book in US by 10 May, 2009!

I went to Barnes&Noble today to help pick out some thank you cards. I remembered Tony Wilson's book was due in America soon, so I inquired with the cashier about the date. As it turns out, "Schapelle: The Facts, the Evidence, and the Truth" will be released in the United States on the 10th of May, 2009, this year.

Tony Wilson is an investigative reporter who helped break Schapelle's story to the media back in 2004. At first ambivalent about the case, he spent more and more time investigating it, interviewing the family, and talking with Schapelle, and he became convinced of Schapelle's innocence. While he believed this strongly, it goes against the ethics codes of his profession to blatantly say so in his articles, so most of Tony Wilson's news stories took a human interest format. Many discussed the events of the case or the court trials, but others explained the inhumane prison conditions in Kerobokan, the emotional trauma suffered by the Corbys, and Schapelle's pleas of innocence and justice.

His articles were very good, and Tony has a very readable, gentle writing style. He pointed out many facts that other news media disregarded, and he earned the praise of many Schapelle supporters. In fact, one "movement" in the support forum invited us supporters to e-mail Tony a note of thanks for his work. I quickly did so, and what do you know? The man wrote me back!! It was just a couple of lines expressing appreciation and dedication to Schapelle, and I was honored that he would take the time to respond.

Tony's co-workers learned of his belief in Schapelle's innocence. I'm sure we can all relate - when I heard about Schapelle, you couldn't stop me from telling people!! Eventually, the co-workers began to believe Tony's work was becoming biased, that he was too involved and unobjective. The whispers spread up the chain of command until Tony Wilson was sacked from his position a couple of years ago.

Tony left his job, and then he purposed to write his book, which was published last year in 2008. "Schapelle: The Facts, the Evidence, and the Truth" has received great reviews from supporters, and the book is sure to rank as a top source for information on Schapelle's case and trial, given Tony's exclusive access to the persons, events, and emotions involved.

I cannot wait to purchase my copy here in the US - and I hope Barnes&Noble puts it in a nice, big display--Schapelle's name and picture right there in everyone's faces! Ha! I'd love it. And I'd take a picture. :D

Two more months to go!

My "Ganja Queen"

Being in the United States without HBO has its disadvantages. But, I am working to overcome them. I recently found out about a TV channel that offers "Ganja Queen," so I will be calling them tomorrow to see whether they will let me purchase a view. *fingers crossed*

Spread the Word

Take a look at this website:

A group of supporters from the Free Schapelle Forum have created this video. It includes:

- An outline of the case
- Multiple refutations of myths in the Corby case
- Explanatory clips from the HBO documentary "Ganja Queen" by Janine Hosking on Schapelle's plight (obtained with permission)
- Photographed images of legal documents, such as Schapelle's petition for examination of evidence (which was denied by the judges and various lawyers)

If you are inclined to do so, please help spread this link across the web. You can do so by:

- Emailing the link to those in your email list
- Including the link as part of your email signature
- Posting it on your blogs
- Including it on your webpage
- Share it with friends on Facebook (via the 'share' option under a linkor note, or via private message - not too many at once, though, lest Facebook think you a spammer)
- Telling people about it via word of mouth

You may do this on your own, or the website gives you the option to input email addresses to selected contacts and forward the site along with a message you can personalize yourself.


Additions (and deletions) to HLJ

Hello all!

I have been in the process of updating HLJ, and the blog has undergone a couple of changes. Below is a list of them:

1. I uploaded a widget created by Nev of Amsnet. The title is "Spread the Truth about Schapelle Corby" and includes a feed from the blog of the same name linked to on the sidebar. Nev updated the widget to network with 1) YouTube videos about Schapelle and 2) other supporters' sites. The widget is located in the sidebar under the petition.

2. I added a link to by Morpheus and Rachel James. This fantastic webpage is based out of the UK and has been featured in various news articles and press releases. On this site, supporters can find video links, songs for Schapelle, case information, news links, and of course, the Picture Project, which Tara Hack presented to the United Nations recently in a plea of help for Schapelle.

3. The sidebar section "Discussion on Documentary" that featured links to the HBO forum on "Ganja Queen" has been relocated. Its new home is now in "HLJ Selected Connections to Elsewhere" under "'Ganja Queen' Discussion Board". My primary motivation for this was because the feed results linked here contained the same title, GANJA QUEEN, and they indicated nothing of the content of each post. The new link takes the viewer directly to HBO's main page for the general "Ganja Queen" forum.

4. I expanded the search parameters for the HLJ Videos feature on my sidebar. This is exciting because it is the increased amount of Schapelle support material available that prompted me to do so. The feature now displays videos that turn up from the results "Schapelle," "Free Schapelle Corby," and "Songs for Schapelle" as well as all the old and random originals. I also made sure that videos from a specific YouTube channel turn up in the results: FreeSchapelle, a channel run by Morpheus. Hopefully my readers (however few you are :D) will now find more varied results to enjoy!

5. I edited the Welcome to HLJ feature at the top of my sidebar. I put in this welcome note last summer following the release of "Ganja Queen" after I noticed a sharp increase in visitors' numbers. However, since 9 or so months have passed since that date, I changed the welcome's wording to feature "Ganja Queen" less prominently. I was going to take the entire note down since "Ganja Queen" had been its whole raison d'etre, but the thing was so likable, it convinced me to let it stay. :)

Schapelle at the United Nations!

The Schapelle photo project entries combined in a collage (below) that Tara Hack, independent songwriter and performer of "Saya Tidak Bersalah" presented to the United Nations. Ms. Hack presented the collage along with a short request for sympathy and investigation into Schapelle's trial.

That so many supporters worldwide can make a large difference is seen below. Perhaps something will come of the petition to the United Nations, or perhaps nothing will. But Schapelle's supporters have banded together in a unique way, and it is obvious the far-reaching impact she has made on people worldwide.

More detailed information may be found at Morpheus's site ( Below is a PRWeb news release on Ms. Hack's presentation to the UN, and it includes interview quotes with Rachel James, who helps run the website. Links are included throughout the article that display support videos, case information, songs, and relevant support sites.

Schapelle Corby Protest Reaches The United Nations

The global protest in support of imprisoned Australian Schapelle Corby arrived at the United Nations this morning. Photographs of people demonstrating by holding "Free Schapelle" cards in cities throughout North America, Europe, Australasia and even the Middle East, were presented to UN representatives and officials. Performing the delivery was Tara Hack, the indie-pop artist, whose "Saya Tidak Bersalah (I'm Not Guilty)" has become a global anthem of support.

(PRWEB) March 4, 2009 --

The global protest in support of imprisoned Australian Schapelle Corby arrived at the United Nations this morning. Photographs of people demonstrating by holding "Free Schapelle" cards in cities throughout North America, Europe, Australasia and even the Middle East, were presented to UN representatives and officials. Performing the delivery was Tara Hack, the indie-pop artist, whose "Saya Tidak Bersalah (I'm Not Guilty)" has become a global anthem of support.

Tara also presented a note, urging the UN to take up the case on behalf of Ms Corby.

In 2005, Schapelle Corby was sentenced to an unprecedented 20 years in an Indonesian prison cell, for importation of marijuana, following one of the most contentious cases of modern times. To this day she maintains her innocence, with observers, humanitarian and human rights support groups urging her release. A recent film ( cites many of the disturbing aspects of the case, including the refusal of the court to test the drugs for country of origin, the subsequent burning of the untested drugs, the presumption of guilt, and the much lesser value of the drugs in Indonesia than in the country of alleged export, Australia.

Rachel James of the UK based Schapelle.Net web portal said: "We feel that the UN should embrace more than just international relations. It should be available for real people who have suffered serious legal and human rights abuses. It should intervene to help those who are suffering blatant injustice, even when their own governments let them down. People from across the world are therefore urging them to use their office to address Schapelle Corby's situation."

She continued: "Schapelle Corby is enduring her fifth year of imprisonment in terrible conditions and remains in a desperate situation, yet in Australia the media's focus has steadfastly avoided the human rights breaches of the trial, the political nature of the sentence, and her continued plight after all this time. Meanwhile, the Australian government seems to have abandoned her. We are therefore urging the international community to help address this disturbing tragedy."

Highlights from the protest are presented through the video for Tara Hack's indie-song. This can be viewed on the web page specified below. A selection of photographs of the protest can be seen on the following web page:

Ms James added: "Schapelle Corby is an innocent woman suffering and struggling hard on a daily basis just to survive. She needs people across the world to help her, and she needs organizations like the UN to represent those people and act. Even though it is such a distressing story, she desperately needs people who are reading this not to walk away but to lend their support, and become the voice which has been so cruelly taken from her."

The video of a selection of the global protest itself, with Tara Hack's highly acclaimed support song, can be viewed directly on

ABOUT SCHAPELLE.NET is a Web site dedicated to the Schapelle Corby case. It provides resources and information to help those who are willing to assist or help. For further information, including details of the case itself see:

Vanessa Lea and Road Train - "Be Brave"

A new, fantastic song written by Vanessa Lea and Road Train. The group emphasizes that the song directly propagates neither guilt nor innocence, but simply outlines the facts and injustices of the trial and sentence, and encourages Schapelle to stay strong and "Be Brave."

Two copies of the song were forwarded to Mercedes, who showed one to Schapelle. Schapelle loved the song, and she wrote Ms. Lea and Road Train a letter, which is shown at the end of the video.