Thursday, March 12, 2009

HLJ Now Synchs with the BringHerHome Toolbar

After multiple attempts, the HLJ feed can now be viewed on the BringHerHome toolbar. Previously, the link to this blog under the photo of Schapelle always functioned, but blog updates under "SC News" could not.

I created a feed burn and sent it off to Nev, who input it into the toolbar. Now, new blog posts may be viewed! Thank you, Nev, for your support and advice!

For those of you who have not downloaded the BringHerHome toolbar, I strongly suggest you do. The toolbar contains links to Schapelle websites, forums, videos, and songs. It also features links to the Free Schapelle petition as well as websites where you can order My Story or No More Tomorrows by Schapelle. Also, users can read newslinks from across Australia and the world, listen to songs on the media player, be informed of emails, and chat with fellow supporters.

If you are interested in downloading the toolbar, you can do so at this link:

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