Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tony Wilson's Book in US by 10 May, 2009!

I went to Barnes&Noble today to help pick out some thank you cards. I remembered Tony Wilson's book was due in America soon, so I inquired with the cashier about the date. As it turns out, "Schapelle: The Facts, the Evidence, and the Truth" will be released in the United States on the 10th of May, 2009, this year.

Tony Wilson is an investigative reporter who helped break Schapelle's story to the media back in 2004. At first ambivalent about the case, he spent more and more time investigating it, interviewing the family, and talking with Schapelle, and he became convinced of Schapelle's innocence. While he believed this strongly, it goes against the ethics codes of his profession to blatantly say so in his articles, so most of Tony Wilson's news stories took a human interest format. Many discussed the events of the case or the court trials, but others explained the inhumane prison conditions in Kerobokan, the emotional trauma suffered by the Corbys, and Schapelle's pleas of innocence and justice.

His articles were very good, and Tony has a very readable, gentle writing style. He pointed out many facts that other news media disregarded, and he earned the praise of many Schapelle supporters. In fact, one "movement" in the support forum invited us supporters to e-mail Tony a note of thanks for his work. I quickly did so, and what do you know? The man wrote me back!! It was just a couple of lines expressing appreciation and dedication to Schapelle, and I was honored that he would take the time to respond.

Tony's co-workers learned of his belief in Schapelle's innocence. I'm sure we can all relate - when I heard about Schapelle, you couldn't stop me from telling people!! Eventually, the co-workers began to believe Tony's work was becoming biased, that he was too involved and unobjective. The whispers spread up the chain of command until Tony Wilson was sacked from his position a couple of years ago.

Tony left his job, and then he purposed to write his book, which was published last year in 2008. "Schapelle: The Facts, the Evidence, and the Truth" has received great reviews from supporters, and the book is sure to rank as a top source for information on Schapelle's case and trial, given Tony's exclusive access to the persons, events, and emotions involved.

I cannot wait to purchase my copy here in the US - and I hope Barnes&Noble puts it in a nice, big display--Schapelle's name and picture right there in everyone's faces! Ha! I'd love it. And I'd take a picture. :D

Two more months to go!

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