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Don't know if you'll *ever* read this, but....

ETA - I sillily got the wrong country. Brussels - not Belgium.

I still think Bud Beer belongs to St. Louis, though....

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New Allegations on Culprit in Corby Case,22606,24009611-5006301,00.html

THE cannabis in Schapelle Corby's boogie-board bag belonged to her late father Mick, according to an Adelaide drug trafficker who claims he and Mick Corby were drug associates.

Malcolm McCauley said he sold the marijuana to Corby's late father Mick – and knew it was destined for Bali.
In an interview with a Sydney newspaper, McCauley claimed Mick Corby had a drug supply operation to the Indonesian holiday spot, which Schapelle knew about.

McCauley, who was released from jail in South Australia in May, is believed to have been offered up to $60,000 for his story by Seven's Today Tonight, and Nine's 60 Minutes is pursuing him.

It is understood 60 Minutes plans to try to interview him today.

Mick Corby, who died earlier this year of cancer, repeatedly denied knowledge of the Bali drugs, but admitted to a 1970s conviction for marijuana possession.

But McCauley said he was Mick Corby's marijuana supplier and had sold him the drugs found in Schapelle's boogie-board bag.

"This was no bush weed," he told a newspaper.

"It was excellent South Australian hydro, and it had an excellent reputation in Bali." He claimed Mick Corby used US$1000 in cash bribes to get his drug shipments through customs in Bali.

The drugs were then distributed among surf and souvenir shops, from where it was sold to tourists and expats, he alleged.

McCauley said it was a well-organised system and the marijuana usually breezed through the airport because of the bribes.

But when the cash bribe was pocketed before Schapelle's boogie board reached security at Bali airport, she took the blame.

McCauley maintains that Schapelle knew her father was a drug dealer and knew about the trips to Bali.

Last week, Mick Corby's cousin, Allan Trembath, claimed Mick had asked him to help ship drugs in Queensland, but police said they had "no evidence to link Michael Corby with involvement in the drug trade".

The McCauley-Corby link came to light in May, 2005, when police raided McCauley's home and found 15kg of cannabis, $60,000 in cash and photographs of McCauley visiting Schapelle Corby in Bali's Kerobokan prison.

He claimed then to have met Schapelle's mother, Rosleigh Rose, while visiting the Bali court to observe Schapelle's trial.

McCauley was in hiding yesterday after making the claims and repeatedly refused to speak to Sunday Mail journalists.

"Malcolm says he doesn't want to talk to anybody, he has been hounded a bit," his estranged wife, Kathleen McCauley, said.

Ms McCauley expressed dismay about her husband's revelations, slamming the confessions as "not very good". She said she did not know the Corbys, but refused to comment further.

"I'm keeping out of it," she said.

The couple's daughter, Kelly, said her father had never spoken to her about dealing drugs or knowing the Corbys.

"He never told me about that," she said.

However, she said she was not concerned about the explosive revelations. "It is water off a duck's back," she said.

In Brisbane yesterday, Rosleigh Rose refused to comment on the latest allegations, saying only: "We're not talking to the media. Go away."

Corby is serving the fourth year of a 20-year jail term in Bali, having exhausted all her appeal processes.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Schapelle Corby's Birthday

I found this article about how Schapelle passed her 31st birthday, a b-day once more spent behind bars.

If you will read on, you'll see that supporters from the Free Schapelle Forum not only got mentioned in an Aussie newspaper (gasp!) but mailed Schapelle a bouquet of a dozen white roses and orchids. A beautiful gift to be sure! I know Schapelle loved it!

Pizza and white roses for Schapelle Corby, 31 today

SCHAPELLE Corby turned 31 today but it was a low-key affair behind bars - pizza with her sister and a friend and some white roses and orchids from her support group back home.

Still recovering from depression which has plagued her, there was no big celebration or birthday cake in Kerobokan Jail - just some little cakes with icing and some juice.

Earlier in the day a bunch of 12 white roses together with orchids was delivered. From the Free Schapelle Forum, the card said: "To our dearest Schapelle, we all hope that you can take comfort knowing that you are in our thoughts and that these flowers might help brighten your day. We love you Pellie and won't give up!!

The flower delivery man who delivered them said he had taken Corby flowers on four other occasions and he was surprised yesterday at how pale she was looking.

Sister Mercedes and a close family friend were the main visitors, bringing some pizza and juice and little cakes. But there were no candles and no happy birthday song.

Earlier Dr Lely Setiawati, the psychiatraist treating Corby since her depression hit hard almost three weeks ago, also paid a quick visit.

Corby spent more than two weeks in hospital after being admitted with severe depression and was returned to the jail late on Tuesday this week.

She is still under treatment and medication and is back in the same jail cell with five cellmates.,22049,23999629-5001021,00.html

Schapelle Corby Returns to Kerobokan

Schapelle Corby has now returned to Kerobokan Jail following a two-weeks' stay in Banglah hospital for treatment for severe depression and nervous breakdown. While still on medication, Schapelle has improved and was warmly welcomed back by her cellmates.

I will continue to pray for Schapelle - with all she has suffered, her depression is understandable. I plan on getting off a letter to her soon.

If you would like to mail Schapelle a word of encouragement, she would love to hear from you. Supporters' letters genuinely lift her spirits. Her address:

Schapelle L. Corby
LPM Kerobokan
Jl. Tangkuban Perahu Kerobokan
Denpasar, Bali

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Championships Photos!

Post-Match congratulations - even though Federer was disappointed in his loss, his mutual respect for Nadal is evident.

The moment of victory. I think his racquet bounced several times!

Climbing atop the commentators' box - note the close scores on the scoreboard! The guy with his chin in his hand looks like he's watching a boring soap opera instead of one of the most exciting matches in Wimbledon history.....have yet to figure that one out.

Nadal's coach and uncle, Toni, reaches to help him up.

Celebrating across the commentators' box

With the Spanish flag.....and Lady Margaret Thatcher!

Trophy presentation

Wimbledon Champion

The two winners. The way this match went, there is no other way to describe Nadal and Federer--no matter what sort of trophy they hold.

A fabulous effort, Roger! Here's to your ten more years!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heathen or Tennis Fan?

Immediately after waking up at 8:00am today, I flipped on the TV and began watching the Wimbledon gentlemen's finals between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

If anyone is reading this post, you may remember a previous blog post of mine (in an earlier blog) in which I discussed the rivalry between these two. John McEnroe exclaimed "Long live this rivalry!" after Federer's win last year at the Championships Wimbeldon. This year, John McEnroe placed their rivalry in the chronicles alongside historic rivalries such as Andre Agassi vs. Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg vs. Jimmy Conors, even alongside himself in Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe. It is exhilirating to watch Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal - the best in today's tennis. With their determination, their best only pushes the other man to even greater heights.

I scrambled to get breakfast and put on my church clothes and makeup during commercial breaks - difficult since MSNBC gives such short ones during the Championships. At last Nadal was up one set, 4-3 in the second.....and I had to go to church. It was 10am for me, and I reluctantly pulled myself away and got on the road. I hated to miss play, but I couldn't be a heathen, could I?

Earlier, I had thought thus: Be like the prophet Elijah--pray that it rains! Get a rain delay going at Wimbledon while I'm in church, and that way I can have the best of both worlds! I was even considerate of the players: during said rain delay a'la Elijah, the players could prayerfully refresh themselves so as to give me their best effort upon my return from the service. Unfortunately, there was no rain when I departed home.

I got to church, and the worship service was fantastic. The sermon was good; the pastor and his wife ministered the last portion on a series about how to affair-proof your marriage. The topic today was order in the home and tips to avoid bad communication.

During Affair-Proofing Your Marriage Communication Tip #2, there was a phone call from a family member overseas. Another relative (who never gets sick a day in his life) had been admitted to the hospital last night, so I took the call seriously. I didn't reach it in time and the caller got hung up on, at which point she couldn't be reached again. Given the seriousness of the situation, I got back in the car and headed home, hoping nothing was wrong. I also wondered whether walking out in the middle of someone's monologue made for bad communication? Maybe that was Tip #3.

I got home and found out nothing had happened after all. My ill relative was still in the hospital, but there was no further bad news. I was happy to get home a little early--perhaps now I could watch more of the match. So I turned on the TV and to my delighted surprise, this is what I found:

It DID rain!!

And best of all: they only got to 4-5 Federer in the third set! I could still see the end!

Well, the end was a long time coming. For over 3 more hours and one more rain delay, Nadal and Federer pushed each other into five sets in what became the longest match in Wimbledon Men's Singles Finals history. The total time was well over 6 hours--almost seven--and total play extended beyond four. I have never see a more neck and neck game. The final score: 6-4 6-4 6-7(8) 6-7(10) 9-7. Since neither man could break the other's serve, it was an epic, exciting match to watch

A second rain delay in the fifth set pushed the match past 2:00pm, at which time my local station was set to cover the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs baseball game. When the rain delay at the All England Club ended, they split the screen to show both baseball and tennis. The problem: I hate baseball. The second problem: the voiceover was all for baseball. So I got on my computer and listened to the Wimbledon Live Radio (in lieu of a subscription to Wimbledon Live Video) but the broadcast (in which the announcers debated their possession of lozenges) did not synch with the TV feed. I finished out the match watching it in silence, squinting to see the scores on the tiny split screen.

The most exciting match I've seen in a long time (sorry, Rafa.....sentimentally, it's hard to beat Andre Agassi's series of epic five-setters towards a heart-breaking retirement at the 2006 US Open) ended with Federer hitting a forehand short into the net, and Nadal collapsed onto his back in celebration, then jumped up into the stands over the commentator's box to thank his family and coach. Spanish flag draped over his shoulder, he ran over the top of the digital scoreboard to the Royals Box to shake the hands of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain.

Federer had tears in his eyes, and while I admit I favored Nadal, my reaction to Rafa's victory was also muted. Federer, had he won, would have beaten Bjorn Borg's "unbeatable" record of 5 straight Wimbledon titles, becoming the first man in over 120 years to do so. Federer possessed an astounding winning streak on number of matches won on grass. But both men are top players in tennis, the best there are today. To see Federer battle with his entire being and fall short of such a great achievement--on an error no less--was painful to watch.

Nadal battled the world's #1-ranked player and came out victorious. While Federer did make a few surprising errors (and was broken 4 times by Nadal), both men played exceptionally well, and Nadal's victory was deserved.

The supremacy of their technique and strategy is unmatched. The scoreboard is a testament to the power, endurance, and skill of both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

I still debate whether I was a heathen for being happy to leave church early and happy there was a rain delay....but I was well rewarded.

Federer stated earlier in the tournament that even at 26 years old he believes he has 5-10 more years left in him (enough to go for another 6-championship streak??) and based off his performance today, it appears he would be right. And he'd be in good company, since the amazing Andre Agassi also retired at 36. Nadal has won his fifth grand slam title (with a four-win streak at Roland Garros) and today he narrowed the gap among the top grass court players. The man is only 22 years old. There will be a lot more proceeding from these two players, and hopefully their tennis destinies will ensure they meet many more times.


HLJ Sidenote: I will post match photos and player interviews when they are made available.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The US Exposure to "Ganja Queen"

I found an excellent article while perusing the net in search for what specifically US news sources had to say about Schapelle Corby.

The author of this article, Michelle Nichols, provides a summary of the film as well as a thorough and sympathetic overview of Schapelle Corby's case. It is a worthwhile read, and I hope Americans learning about Schapelle's case will take a similar approach as Ms. Nichols and do research to discover what happened from Schapelle's conviction to her present hospitalization for depression following the failed final appeal in March.

A Preview

"Can she possibly be that good of an actor?" - Good question......

"Ganja Queen" Airing Schedule

If you would like to record "Ganja Queen" or have missed its original June 30 air date, you may view it again on the following HBO channels:


Tue 7/1 11:30 PM - HBO EAST
Tue 7/1 11:35 PM - HBO LATINO EAST
Wed 7/2 02:30 AM - HBO WEST
Wed 7/2 02:35 AM - HBO LATINO WEST
Thu 7/3 08:00 PM - HBO EAST
Thu 7/3 08:00 PM - HBO LATINO EAST
Thu 7/3 11:00 PM - HBO WEST
Thu 7/3 11:00 PM - HBO LATINO EAST
Thu 7/10 12:05 AM - HBO2 EAST
Thu 7/10 03:05 AM - HBO2 WEST
Tue 7/15 11:00 AM - HBO2 EAST
Tue 7/15 02:00 PM - HBO2 WEST
Sat 7/19 05:30 PM - HBO SIGNATURE EAST
Sat 7/19 08:30 PM - HBO SIGNATURE WEST

"Ganja Queen" on HBO - Comments Welcome

The Janine Hosking documentary providing behind-the-scenes examinations of the case of Schapelle Corby has aired on HBO.

If you have seen this documentary on Schapelle and her case, please feel free to leave your comments.