Thursday, April 30, 2009

Schapelle Corby Picture of the Week - 26.4.09

Schapelle isn't personally in this picture, but her spirit is for sure!! The people featured here are (L to R): Leann Hoelscher, Tara Hack, Michael Passe's son, and Michael Passe. The location is the Conference on World Affairs at Colorado University. A whole 82,000 people attended, and many of them learned about Schapelle through the efforts of these four, as well as Kay Danes, who participated in EIGHT panels--five more than the minimum requirement of a freshman panelist.

As I told Schapelle in a letter recently, after these events, it is harder and harder for people to say they've never heard of her! Getting the word out (and directing people to quality research sites) is crucial--THANK YOU EVERYONE who took part for helping toward this goal!

To Schapelle, "May your justice come forever true."

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